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Give Your Home The Look It Deserves

Your house is an expression of yourself. It is, after all, the place where you live and share family moments. Therefore, it should reflect your personality and style both inside and outside. Whether it’s bright colors and strong accents, or soothing, minimalistic whites – you have the freedom to make your home exactly as you want.

Changing the color of your home has the power to rejuvenate it and get you excited about hosting dinner parties, or taking family pictures in front of your house.

And if you just moved into a new house, a proper paint job can give it that touch of character that makes the difference between a simple house and a place you can call your home.

Protect Your Home's Exterior

A house that is protected lasts longer, is safer, and ultimately saves you money from recurring repairs. It also saves you the stress of always worrying about its structural integrity, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Besides a quality exterior paint, the next important upgrade you can give to your home is adding a protective coating. This makes it look good while helping it stand strong against the elements, regardless of your local climate.

Our Painting Services

Interior Painting

Paint, and especially color, can have a big impact on the outcome of a room and how you feel inside. That is true whether the paint is on a wall, molding, door, cabinets, or any other interior surface. A room with cracks or peeling paint is not an impressive room to be in, let alone relaxing.

Choose to give every room its own style, or refresh your whole home’s paint for a cleaner look. No matter the project size, we are here for you. With professional staff, premium materials, and unparalleled attention to detail, you can trust that your home’s interior is in good hands.

Exterior Painting

You want to be proud of how your house looks, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that look of awe when your friends and loved ones admire it. Plus, nothing beats coming home each day and pulling into the driveway of a home that you feel good about.

Besides just looking better, with colors that match the surrounding landscape, exterior painting is your home’s barrier against the elements. Get rid of chipping or cracking old paint, chaulk, and water damage around  your windows, and live worry-free in a home that is up to date with all HOA regulations.

We’re here to help you improve your house’s looks with a professional paint so that it lasts longer, looks better, and stands out from a distance.

Protective Coatings

A protective coating doesn’t just make your house shine. It protects you and your loved ones as well, making your home a safer, stronger place to live in. Protective coatings benefit your entire home, from your driveway to your roof, while also increasing its value.

Paver sealers will upgrade the look and strength of your pavers so you won’t have to worry about constantly washing your walkway, or weeds continuously appearing in the cracks.

When added to the roof, the coating will protect you against water leaks while at the same time increasing your energy star rating by reducing consumption, so you can save money for what really matters.

Our Process

Over the years, we’ve perfected a streamlined process that guides you throughout each step of the project stress-free, and with your satisfaction as the top priority.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with us and send us a few pictures of your space. We’ll get back to you with design and pricing and discuss your vision for your painting project while answering any questions you might have.

In-Home Pre-Job Walkthrough

Before getting to work, we have an in-home pre-job walkthrough where we verify design and pricing and collect a deposit.

We Get To Work

After we’ve discussed your vision, we start working on your home with our premium materials and techniques.
In the meantime, you can relax knowing your house is being taken care of and that you are being kept in the loop.

Enjoy Your Home

After we’re done, we clean up and leave you to enjoy your newly painted home. Spend time in it with your loved ones and cherish a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

Meet Nathan and Sarah

Hi, my name is Nathan Hershner and I am the founder and owner of Peacock Services Home Improvement. My wife Sarah and I were blessed with two beautiful children (our Irish twins). I started this company back in 2016  when I felt it was time to follow my passion for painting and my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

I love when I get to connect with customers and help them bring their vision to reality. I often get asked how did I come up with the name Peacock Services? Honestly, I love peacocks and what they symbolize. Re-birth, re-growth, rejuvenation, new life integrity, beauty, love, and passion. On top of that, they’re pretty colorful too, so I felt like it was perfect for not only my new journey, but also my soon to be new family’s. My family is why I do what I do every day.

I strive to make every customer feel heard and to provide a great customer experience along with rejuvenating the projects to uphold the integrity of our customers’ most valuable assets.

Meet JB Tomlin

Hi, I’m JB, the Business Administrator for Peacock Services. I’m the first person you’ll talk to when you reach out, and have a hand in almost all aspects of the business.

My goal is ensure you are 110% happy with your experience. We’re honored when you trust us to transform your home, and make every effort at every step in the process to make sure that your expectations are exceeded.

We don’t stop until we see a smile on your face. Fill out the form, give us a call, and let’s start bringing some joy to your home.

our customers say...


Coordinated with Nathan to paint our living room with two colors to create an accent wall.

He sent two painters who arrived when promised and proceeded to perform high quality work with attention to detail. They made minor wall repairs, removed window coverings and a cornice over a sliding glass door.

Upon completion all put back to original configuration. Workers were neat, presentable, and courteous.

Jim K.
Verified Google Review


Nathan and the team were great. Very responsive and addressed my concerns along the way.

Painted our entire home interior and repaired screen on our lanai. We initially wanted to go with the lowest bidder, but glad we didn’t. You get what you pay for and we got our money’s worth.

Clean lines and great attention to detail. Will definitely hire again.

Gregory B.
Verified Google Review


This review is long overdue. Rey our painter, was extremely professional and knowledgeable about what we were trying to achieve.

We were able to change our door from Teal to Black and in order area from a reddish orange to Espresso Brown. I love that Rey allowed my husband to call me at work to video to ensure I felt comfortable with work being done. Loved the outcome.

Highly recommend Peacock Painting services.

Emmaily R.
Verified Google Review


Professional! Courteous! Competent! I purchased a home that was in desperate need of a paint job! I think the paint was original (approximately 14 years old.) Nathan provided a comprehensive explanation on the project (painting house exterior), to include the type of paint, the method of applying multiple coats, and accurate price quotes for multiple options. I felt informed and comfortable weeks before the first drop of paint touched my home… Absolutely the BEST painters in the area! You will feel like THE ONLY client! Stop searching for painters and give Nathan-Peacock Services a call now! I’m using them to paint my entire interior within the next six months! 

Danang M.
Verified BBB Review

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